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-====== Draconic Entity ======+====== Robert MacGregor ======
-thing+===== History ===== 
-<graphviz dot left+ 
-digraph ATN { +My interest in software engineering stemmed from my interest in what my deceased mother (since 2003) would do on the  
-Draakan -Criollos -> Humans +computer when I was a child. I've seen her using what was probably Photoshop (or some alike) as well as programs that I now  
-} +recognize as being [[http://www.thegamecreators.com/?m=view_product&id=2030|Dark Basic Classic]], but those themselves are  
-</graphviz>+just vague memories that I can't even really verify. Alongside of a general intrigue with what the technology industry has  
 +to offer, I am very certain she would be proud of what I have since become and am still growing into. 
 +==== Games: Entertainment & Educational ==== 
 +I've started my actual programming experience making mods for [[wp>Tribes_2|Tribes 2]] which involved writing code in a very  
 +peculiar language known as Torque Script which is specific to the [[wp>Torque_(game_engine)|Torque Game Engine]] and is  
 +actually used in the more modern successor of that engine known as Torque3D. That has gotten me essentially six years worth  
 +of general programming experience and 6 years of expertise its scripting language along with the general workings of the  
 +engine. There was a player on there who went by the name of "Naosyth" that had helped get me on the track of modding the 
 +game with a short introduction to the [[http://docs.garagegames.com/tge/official/content/documentation/Reference/Introduction/Datablocks.html|datablock]]  
 +system and the basic syntax of the language by using a [[http://dl.rawr32.net/mods/Archive/Metallic%20Construction%201.4%20Beta.rar|Metallic]]  
 +Construction mod server as the playground. 
 +==== Baby Steps ==== 
 +I started off writing simple chat commands for  
 +[[http://dl.rawr32.net/mods/Construction_v0.70a.exe|Construction .70a]], which were all eventually considered, 
 +personally, my own mod which I had dubbed "DDDX Mod". Not much of the mod exists at this point in time, presumably 
 +due to poor data backup habits at the time which I now regret nearly eight years later writing this. 
 +Eventually I began work on the [[projects:gaming:t2:bol|Tribes 2: Birth of Legends]] mod which in reality has almost no correlation  
 +to the [[projects:gaming:bol:main|Birth of Legends]] project. It was intended to be Tribes 2 game-play infused with various 
 +RPG elements in an open sandbox type world. The only relation to the Birth of Legends project now is that it also featured  
 +the playable race, the [[projects:gaming:bol:races:draakan|Draakan]] in a form that is fairly comparable to how they are now. It was 
 +a ambitious project at the time, and it stretched the engine to its breaking points. 
 +===== Gaming Projects ===== 
 +listing of gaming related projects that I have made. 
 +<WRAP group
 +<WRAP half column> 
 +//**__Current Projects__**// 
 +This is anything that I'm currently working on. It is pretty much the same exact listing from the 
 +home page [[:main|here]]. 
 +^                Project Name                                        ^ 
 +|       [[projects:gaming:kiaro:main|KGE]]                                  | 
 +|    [[http://ragora.github.io/EasyLua/index.html|Easy Lua]]         | 
 +|    [[projects:gaming:bol:main|Birth of Legends]]                          | 
 +|    [[documents:t2engine|Tribes 2 Engine Reference]]                | 
 +<WRAP half column> 
 +//**__Past Projects__**// 
 +Even though these projects are labelled as "past", it does not strictly mean I do not occasionally return to  
 +them to make some changes. 
 +^                           Project Name                                     ^ 
 +|       [[http://ragora.github.io/EasyDelegate|Easy Delegate]]               | 
 +|           [[https://github.com/Ragora/T2-CPP|Tribes 2 C++]]                | 
 +|             [[http://ragora.github.io/ScalyMUCK|ScalyMUCK]]                | 
 +|    [[https://github.com/Ragora/BZCAIP|BattleZone Classic: AIP Generator]] 
 +|     [[https://github.com/Ragora/HellionEngine|Hellion Engine]]             | 
 +|              [[projects:gaming:t2:bol|Tribes 2: Birth of Legends]]                 | 
 +<WRAP half column> 
 +//**__Experiments and Hacks__**// 
 +These experiments and hacks are defined as such because they typically do not have any practical function on  
 +their own aside from testing a given idea or set of ideas. 
 +^                                          Project Name                                       ^ 
 +|   [[https://github.com/Ragora/T2-CPP/tree/master/Mod%20Sources/Bullet|Tribes 2 Bullet]]     | 
 +|                  [[https://github.com/Ragora/T2-DXAI|Tribes 2 AI Enhancement]]              | 
 +===== Blog ===== 
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